Rainbow Shifter

Rainbow Shifter

Unleash the vibrant colors hidden in your text as you type!

Experience the joy of dynamic color transformations with Rainbow Shifter.

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Dynamic Color Transformations

Enjoy the thrill of ever-changing colors as you type, turning your text into a mesmerizing rainbow.


Color Discovery

Find out the secret colors hidden in your name, your favorite words, and even inspiring phrases.



Choose from pre-set color palettes or create your own unique color combinations for a truly personalized touch.


Share Your Creations

Easily share your colorful messages with friends and family, making conversations more fun and exciting.

Social Inspiration

Check out our Instagram and TikTok pages for inspiration on how to use Rainbow Shifter to add a splash of color to your life!

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This is the color of Aurelia This is the color of Joe
Aurelia & Ivan Color Information This is the color of Ciao!
This is the color of Ivan This is the color of Paris
This is the color of Carina This is the color of The Great Gatsby
Carina & Joe Color Information This is the color of dream

Words in Living Color

Ready for a burst of color in your words? Don't miss out on the fun! Download the Rainbow Shifter app and share the magic of colorful text!